FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.

Designed for
> Generation of supply voltage, including intrinsically safe one, for gas alarms ДАТ-М, ДАХ-М, ДАК, ДАМ, potentiometric analyzers of ion activity АП430-02 and other compatible devices;
> Integration into ACSTP systems (automatic control system of technological process) via Ethernet interface (КСД module);
> Data exchange with connected devices via RS485 digital channel, including transfer of measurement information to external devices;
> Archiving of received data, events and readings (КСД module);
> Possibility to connect actuating devices, depending on versions (switching unit К);
> Generation of light alarm when values exceed/drop below the set threshold values (Threshold 1, Threshold 2, Threshold 3) along with simultaneous switching of “dry” relay contacts.

As devices for power supply, alarm, intrinsically safe barriers, controllers for data retrieval in combination with remote detectors of various types that can be installed both in non- and explosion hazardous areas.

Operation mode - continuous.
Operating position - vertical.
Units are designed for mounting on rails of versions ТН35-7,5 and ТН35-15 according to ГОСТ Р МЭК 607-15-2003 (DIN-rails).


Basic technical characteristics




Protection of units



Ambient temperature, °С

+1 / +50


Power consumed by БПС-21М3 from DC source, W, at most



Analog output signal, mA



Digital output signal

RS485, Ethernet

КСД unit for connection to PC, controllers of upper level

Parameters of relay contacts

40 V; 0,2 A*

threshold 1, threshold 2, threshold 3, failure, status, mode

Overall dimensions, mm


 weight of units 1,2 kg

* БПС-21М3-24х16-ibIIС-К – if consumption current value of connected actuating device is 10 mA or 170 mA;
* БПС-21М3-24х24-iаIIС-К – if consumption current value of connected actuating device is 3 or 70 mA.


> Possibility to configure complex gas analysis systems using detectors for various gases and of various explosion protection degrees (Exd, ib, ia);
> Construction of system with combined configuration of detectors wiring (daisy chain-star);
> Intrinsically safe barrier of circuit ia, ib, ic;
> Mounting onto facepiece (enclosure on DIN-rail);
> Data archiving, possibility to connect portable data carrier;
> Possibility to connect actuating devices through intrinsically safe mains (when using switching unit К);
> Full compliance with normative base of RF and Customs union;
> Functional safety integrity level SIL 3.

Controller of data retrieval (КСД) ensures preservation of information via RS485 communication channel of the devices. Functional capabilities of controller of data retrieval КСД
> Archiving of measurement results;
> Issue of commands to connected units of any other modification for setting of threshold values and range of physical quantity measurement for detectors;
> Retention of parameters of connected detectors:
- alarm actuation thresholds Threshold 1-2-3;
- units of measurement;
- analyte; 
- initial and finite values of indicating range.

Units БПС-21М3-24-КСД, БПС-21М3-24-КСД-Р allow to record data
> of recent 10 days with interval of 1 minute if maximum quantity of devices is connected (30 at most);
> of recent 30 days with interval of 1 minute if maximum 10 devices are connected.

Technical characteristics





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