FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.
Power supply and alarm unit БПС-21М-М (loop)

Power supply and alarm unit БПС-21М-М – fixed automatic device of continuous operation designed for:

- power supply and gathering of information from gas alarms ДАТ-М-06, gas analyzers ДАХ-М-06, ДАК (versions ИБЯЛ.418414.071-17…-21) and ДАМ (ИБЯЛ.407111.002-03 …-09) when they are connected in loop;

- generation of light and audible alarms when the set threshold values are reached, with simultaneous switching of dry relay contacts.



- power supply and alarm unit is designed for installation in non-hazardous areas;

- power supply for up to 20 ДАТ-М-06, up to 30 ДАХ-М-06, up to 12 ДАК, up to 16 ДАМ, or for some other quantity of sensors (except ДАМ) with total power not exceeding 60 W;

- scanning of communication channel with interface RS-485 for up to 64 sensors;

- communication with external devices by digital communication channels RS485 (MODBUS RTU Protocol) and Ethernet;

- generation of audible and light alarms when the measured concentration reaches the preset value of the actuation threshold (3 thresholds for each measuring channel) with a simultaneous generation of a message indicating the number of the actuated sensor;

- output into external circuit through 8 groups of dry switching relay contacts that are programmed to switch when alarm is actuated by any sensor or a group of sensors;

- real-time mode archiving of measurement results and status of each sensor in loop (up to 24 hours with 64 sensors connected and a record gap equal to 3 min)

- range of operating temperatures from +1 to +50 оС;

- protection from access to dangerous parts, against solid objects and water ingress – IP20;

- automatic operation time without maintenance with the use of external devices and excluding manual intervention – 12 months;

- average total service life – 10 years;

- warranty period – 18 months after the date of shipment to the consumer.


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    Power supply and alarm unit БПС-21М-М (loop)


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