FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.
Power supply and alarm unit БПС-3

Designed for power supply of gas alarms СТГ-3 and СТГ-3-И when they are connected in loop, generation of light and audible alarms when any gas alarm in loop is actuated, with simultaneous switching of dry relay contacts on two thresholds.

Application: providing of multipoint monitoring of air parameters in working areas of accommodation, public spaces, administrative and production facilities and open spaces by means of gas alarms СТГ-3 and СТГ-3-И.

The units are fixed automatic devices.
Operating position
 - vertical.
Mode of operation - continuous.

Quantity of polled sensors for БПС-3 is not limited, for БПС-3И - up to 64 sensors.



Versions of power supply and alarm units БПС-3

Designation Name of units Type of input signal on alarms actuation Name of gas alarms connected to units Connection with external devices

(without digital indication)


dc voltage signal


relay output

(with digital indication)


digital address interface


relay output and on interfaces
RS485 and RS232

 Emergency alarm “GAS” – shutoff alarm, switching-off is possible only by pressing the button “DISCHARGE” on the unit.


Basic technical characteristics




Supply voltage,V

from 150 to 253

(50±1) Hz (effective value)

Consumed power, VA, not more


at maximum output load

Output voltage, V


maximum load current 2А

Ambient temperature, °С

from 1 to 40


Protection degree

IP 30


Overall dimensions, mm, not more


weight 2 kg, not more

Parameters of dry relay contacts

= 30 V, 5 А
~ 250 V, 5 А

load – resistive

For units БПС-3 relay state – normally closed.
For units БПС-3-И relay state (normally closed/open) is set in the unit menu.


- up to thirty gas alarms СТГ-3 of various versions for one БПС-3 (the quantity varies depending on the number of СТГ-3 connected for monitoring of pre-explosive concentrations of flammable gases and maximum permissible concentrations of toxic gases);
- gas alarms are not designed for installation in hazardous areas;
- operating temperatures range – from +1 to 40 оС;
- protection from access to dangerous parts, against solid objects and water ingress – IP30;
- automatic operation time without maintenance with the use of external devices and excluding manual intervention – not less than 12 months;
- warranty period – 18 months after the date of shipment to the consumer.

Technical characteristics




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    Power supply and alarm unit БПС-3


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