FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.

Designed for continuous automatic monitoring of concentrations of natural or liquefied gases in air of industrial and domestic premises and alarm generation when volume fraction of flammable gases exceeds the preset threshold values.

Accommodation, public spaces, administrative and production facilities and other spaces equipped with gas burner units using natural or liquefied gases. Boiler houses of different types equipped with water, steam and diametrical boilers.

Possible content of system
Sensor unit СГГ-6М in combination with power supply and alarm unit БСП-6.
Valves КЭГ 9720 ИБЯЛ.685181.001 (DN 15), -01 (DN 20),-02 (DN 25), -21 (DN 32) – 40V.
Valves КЭГ 9720 ИБЯЛ.685181.001 -03 (DN 40),-04 (DN 50),-05 (DN 32), -11 (DN 65, Р=0,1МPа), -12 (DN 65, Р=0,4МPа), -13 (DN 80, Р=0,1МPа), -14 (DN 80,Р=0,4МPа) – 220V.
Dispatcher desk ДИСП ИБЯЛ.465213.003.


Principle of operation – thermochemical. 
Sampling - diffusion.
Type of gas alarm - fixed.


Basic technical characteristics of СГГ-6М




Alarm actuation thresholds (on methane),


set by consumer

Absolute error, % LEL, not more

± 5


Alarm actuation time, s, not more



Consumed power, W, not more



Distance between СГГ-6М and БСП-6М, m

up to 200


Operating temperature range, °С

from - 10 to +50


Protection degree



Overall dimensions, mm



Weight, kg, not more



Gas alarm СГГ-6М is supplied combination with power supply and alarm unit БСП-6М (in SPTA). БСП-6М feeds СГГ-6М, and also has a possibility of connection of electromagnetic valves and secondary instruments. It generates light and audible alarm.


Basic technical characteristics of БСП-6М




Operating temperature range, °С

from -10 to +50


Supply voltage, V

from 150 to 253

frequency 50±1 Hz

Consumed power, VA, not more


when СГГ-6М connecting

Relay capacity

—30 V; 2,5 А 
˜220 V; 5 А


Rated output voltage, V


for СГГ-6М power supply 

Protection degree



Overall dimensions, mm, not more


weight 0,8 kg


Distinctive features of СГГ-6М
- availability of external input "emergency ", it allows to connect devices in loop or connect them to fire or burglar alarm;
- consumer can set alarm threshold himself - 10 or 20 % LEL;
- possibility of independent setting of operation modes after device switching on – automatic passing into operating mode with opening of network valve - "О" or switching of emergency alarm with opening of network valve after pressing of the button "reset" - "В";
- availability of the button "test" that allows to check functionality of device and shutoff valves without the use of gas mixtures;
- service life of sensor for flammable gases – not less than 5 years;
- verification and calibration intervals – 1 year;
- zero autocalibration when activated or once in 14 days.


Technical characteristics





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    СГГ-6М – fixed flammable gas alarm


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