FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.
СГГ10-Б –flammable gas alarm for household use

Designed for alarm generation when concentration of flammable gases (methane or propane-butane mixture) in air reaches the preset threshold values.

Accommodation, public spaces, administrative and production facilities and other spaces equipped with gas burner units using natural or liquefied gases.
Principle of operation – thermochemical.
Sampling – diffusion.
Type of gas alarm - fixed.
Mode of operation - continuous.


Possible content of system

Gas alarm СГГ10-Б (6 different versions).
Set of connecting wires ИБЯЛ.413944.062 (wire 0, 75х2 - 5 m, wire 0,5х2 - 2,5 m).
Valves КЭГ 9720 ИБЯЛ.685181.001 (DN 15), - 01 (DN 20), -02 (DN 25) , -21 (DN 32)-40V.


Versions of gas alarms СГГ10-Б

Name and designation

Availability of dry contacts

Availability of interfaces

Executive device


radio channel

СГГ10-Б ИБЯЛ.413216.047





СГГ10-Б-МР ИБЯЛ.413216.047-02




СГГ10-Б-ОР ИБЯЛ.413216.047-04




СГГ10-Б-И ИБЯЛ.413216.047-06




СГГ10-Б-РК ИБЯЛ.413216.047-08




СГГ10-Б-М ИБЯЛ.413216.047-10





МР – mechanical relay, ОР - optoelectronic relay , К - electromagnetic valve with pulse control, М – gas shutoff mechanism with dc drive.


Basic technical characteristics




Alarm actuation thresholds (on methane), % LEL:
1 threshold (emergency /warning)
2 threshold (emergency)


emergency alarm «GAS» blocking (switched off by pressing the button  «RESET»)

Parameters of optoelectronic relay 

40 V; 0,2 А

normally open

Parameters of mechanical relay

220V; 2,5А

normally closed

Intrinsic absolute error, % LEL, not more

± 5


Protection degree (according to ГОСТ 14254)

IP 42


Supply voltage, V

100 - 250

(50 ± 1) Hz

Ambient temperature range, °С

from -10 to + 50


Output to valve, V (pulse voltage)


КЭГ-9720 (Ду=15; 20; 25; 32)

Alarm actuation time, s, not more



Overall dimensions, mm



Weight, kg



Specialized versions СГГ10-Б-И and СГГ10-Б-РК (in combination with data acquisition and transfer unit БСР-РК) that are capable of transferring data by interface RS485 and radio channel, respectively, are used for creation of monitoring networks for control of pre-explosive concentrations of flammable gases in apartment buildings and in entrance halls of residential buildings and other large area accommodation spaces and administration facilities.

  Distinctive features:
- compliance with ГОСТ Р ЕН 50194-2008 and EN 501194:2000;
- possibility to organize network through interface RS485 or radio channel;
- cables connection without soldering (terminal block);
- possibility to feed power supply with buried wiring;
- availability of button “reset-test” for gas alarm testing;
- sensor service life 5 years;
- warranty period 36 months;
- zero autocalibration when activated or once in 30 days;
- verification and calibration interval 1 year. 


Technical characteristics




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    СГГ10-Б –flammable gas alarm for household use


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